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Non-Swiss citizens
The SDC can also hire non-Swiss citizens applying for a specific vacancy advertised. Please note the following stipulations.
Anstellungs- und Arbeitsbedingungen

Employment and working conditions

Besides interesting assignments, the SDC offers its staff attractive employment conditions such as working in an international environment, flexible work-time models, a transparent wage system, fair social benefits, chances for further training and personal development as well as equal opportunity and a multilingual workplace.

Hours of work and holidays
The SDC offers progressive work-time options based on a 42-hour week. Staff can choose from a broad range of flexible models, and the SDC also supports and encourages part-time work, job sharing, annual working time and sabbaticals.

Holidays are geared to the work-time model selected and the employee's age. In principle, 20- to 49-year-olds have four weeks of holiday a year, under twenties and staff aged between 50 and 59 have five weeks' holiday, rising to six weeks after the age of 60. On top of their holidays, staff have five so-called "compensation days" as the result of a non-implemented working-week reduction from 42 to 41 hours. Up to another two weeks' holiday may be granted on the grounds of missions abroad and age.


As part of the Swiss federal government system, the SDC applies the Confederation's transparent wage system with its 38 salary categories. The salary category advertised in the job vacancy corresponds to the maximum that can be earned in that particular post. Starting salaries depend on the incumbent's education, professional and general life experience. Salary increases are based on individual performance as judged against the objectives set in the annual appraisal interview. The starting salary and individual performance determine how quickly the salary category maximum is reached. Exceptional performance may be rewarded with bonuses.

The basic salary for SDC staff working abroad corresponds to that paid in Switzerland. It may be supplemented with special allowances, depending on the place of mission.

Social security
SDC employees are insured with PUBLICA, the Swiss Confederation pension fund PUBLICA one of Switzerland's leading provident schemes. The pension plan was based on defined benefits until 30.06.2008, and changed to a defined contributions plan on 1 July 2008.

Further training
The SDC attaches importance to life-long learning, so it encourages and supports employees' training and further training efforts. Neben dem External further training courses may be used in addition to those provided specifically by and for the SDC and by the Federal Office of Personnel Management.  The nature and breadth of staff training and further training are primarily determined by SDC requirements and personal career planning.